Friday, August 22, 2008

First Lupron Shot

Well, tonight I had my first lupron shot. A couple of weeks ago, we attended an IVF class which the clinic requires all patients to take. A nurse went over the process of IVF and then quickly showed everyone had to mix meds and inject. We had to practice this but it was all a blur to me. Maybe there was just to many people in the class and only one nurse and we sat in the back. Anyways, I have been feeling nervous about giving myself shots ever since the class. Finally this week, I decided to see if there was any YouTube videos showing how this is done. I found one that was really good and it quieted my insecurities. I was even to the point where I felt I could do this. So at nine o'clock I set everything up; sanitized the counter, washed hands, got needle, vial, and alcohol. After a few attempts to place medicine from vial into needle without airbubbles, I was ready to go. Swabbed my little tummy with alcohol and on the count of three stab. Yeah right, I froze up and just stared at this teeny tiny needle and thought there is no way. I eventually called for Paul (I did not want him to be invovled with the shot giving just didn't want any extra pressure). He didn't really want to do it either but he came through for me and stabbed me. It felt like a good mosquito bite. It has been about 10 minutes since receiving shot and it is itchy. I will now need to go to Dr. Google and find out if I am having a reaction.

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