Sunday, September 14, 2008

And then some

Sunday's check went ok. My follicles did not show much growth at all, which is quite frustrating. I am now off from the tentative calendar schedule. Most of the follicles are ranging in size from 10mm-17mm. Most are on the low side with only one at 17mm. Also I have lost some, I now have 14 total. The doctor wanted to up my dosage back to 3 vials. I told him I was short one. They were nice and gave me an extra vial they had in the office as long as I replaced it. Later in the day, the nurse called and left a message to take just 2 vials now. I am thinking this may mean my Estrogen levels are high and that is why I need to stay on 2. I am not sure what this all means exactly. I go back in tomorrow morning for another ultrasound and blood draw.
Tonight I can really feel my ovaries, but it may also be contributed to the hour walk we went on. I hope they have done a lot of growing today.

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