Saturday, September 13, 2008

FSH Dose Lowered

This morning we went for the third check on follicle growth. The doctor performed the ultrasound. He is very fast and efficient. My follicles are now ranging from 16mm-12mm. This is great. There is still about 18 total. The left ovary has lost some or they are so small they have been squeezed out by the big ones. The right ovary has more so it balances out. I can really feel them all the time. My tummy is bloated, but not the same type of bloating one gets from PMS. My dose has been lowered to 2 vials tonight. This is good because I only have 3 left. I won't know until tomorrow's check if I will need more or if they will reduce to one. Because of this, I could be one short. I ask the clinic if they had any samples since I only needed one. They didn't. We headed over to the pharmacy to see if they would sale me just one vial and they did :). This made us very happy as we didn't want to have to buy whole box for just one. Hopefully, I will trigger no later than Monday or I will have to go and buy more yet again.

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