Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My Lupron Side Effects

Here's my list of the side effects I have been having with lupron over the last 12 days:

1. Headaches. I have learned headaches are the number one complaint. For me, headaches come in the afternoon around 2pm and stay till dinner. Sometimes they last longer, but are gone by morning. One Tylenol usually does the trick. At times the headache is just a dull annoying ache and other times it turns it to a raging migraine.
2. Itchiness at the injection site. A fairly common side effect. It only lasts 15-30 minutes. I just rub my tummy.
3. Brain fogginess. Probably related to the headaches. There are days when thinking becomes difficult or just concentrating on a conversation proves worthless. Today in the car I had to tell Paul I just didn't understand after he repeated himself twice. Even now I am foggy so if my sentences are strange please forgive. (Paul is looking over my shoulder and agrees that I am writing jibberish)
4. Constipation. This is a strange one and probably not related to Lupron but it could be. One night this past week I woke up with extreme stomach pains. Bad enough I could not fall back to sleep. I didn't want to wake Paul so I went down stairs and rolled up on the couch. It didn't help. I was up till 3 am before I had any relief and could go back to bed. I am still have some problems and have been taking a laxative and drinking lots of water.
5. Hot flashes. Most nights I wake up burning hot. I was never hot before Lupron.

So this is what I have been experiencing thus far. I have a few more days and then go in for my suppression check. I am sure I am suppressed 6 weeks on birth control overlapped with 8 days of Lupron. If everything is good then I start stims. Yippee.

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