Sunday, September 7, 2008

Suppression Check

Friday was my suppression check to see how everything is going and to make sure my hormones and ovaries are good to go. The nurse did an ultrasound. My left ovary has about 10 antral follicles and my right has about 8. This is good. Hopefully this will mean there will be a good amount of eggs at retrieval. Also, she said that my uterine lining was just right. My blood work came back fine too. So on Saturday, my medication protocol changed. Now I start the FSH, low dose HCG and lupron. I have to play scientist and mix everything up. It ends up being about 1cc of liquid when done. Saturday's shot hurt a lot. Going from 10 units to 1 cc is quite different. It gave me a bruise and stung going in, worse than just the lupron shots. Tonight's shot was much better. Probably because I knew what to expect. It still gave me a bruise though. I think by the time I am finish with this part my tummy will be black and blue. I have 9 days before my target trigger day, well 7 now. Things are starting to move along and it is getting more and more exciting. I go into the clinic again on Tuesday for another check.

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