Friday, September 12, 2008

And the FSH Continues

OK, things are dragging just a bit again. I had another check on Thursday. It went fine. Actually the doctor came in for part of the ultrasound. It is nice to know he has some involvement. Almost everything thus far has been the nurse practitioner. I still have a good number of follicles and they have grown. My estrogen level is 412. It has doubled since the last blood test, which is exactly what they want to see. So because everything to right on track and I am responding well to the amount of FSH I am on, they want to keep me on the same dose. I was slightly disappointed since I was hoping they would lower it. This meant I had to order more. UGH. the most expensive drug out of all the drugs I am using... I have learned that when you get all the meds at the beginning do not assume that this is it. The one more box of Bravelle cost me an additional $240. I hope this is it. Everything is out of pocket for us, no insurance coverage. I, like most others, going through IVF have the additional stress of money. Why does it still cost so much? And why doesn't insurance cover? I was told by my insurance they are trying to keep costs down and that is why. Paul and I are two very healthy individuals. We hardly every go to a doctor and don't even currently have a family doctor. IVF is the first major medical we have ever needed to claim and there is no coverage. So insurance just keeps sapping money away and won't cover.
I go back to the clinic on Saturday for check number 3 and hopefully the last before trigger day. Grow little eggies grow!

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